WUFA celebrates 2 years

WUFA ends its 2nd year next week, its been another successful year with some great accomplishments and achievements from this years players and from some of our Alumni. WUFA is focused on providing a balanced programme that fits with our players different needs and aspirations. We have catered for our players at the elite end and also assisted others in their differing roles, whether it be coaching, development or futsal. In just two years we have assisted players into varying areas such as; a professional environment, NZ age group squads, and others in fulltime coaching roles, and one in a marketing role with our governing body FIFA. What is also pleasing is these players have also worked towards or gained degrees too. We have also formed an alliance with a top Div 1 US college side, that we hope to announce shortly.


2013 WUFA members

Shaun Kipara-Shaun now works as a development coach with Waibop Football

Dominic O’Sullivan– Dominic is in the current NZ Futsal Whites squad.

2014 WUFA members

Paul Ruddell– Waibop Coach and FIFA U20 World Cup marketing team

Xavier Pratt– Wellington Phoenix, ASB premiership squad

Jacob Robb– Worchester Academy, New England, USA.

Reid Drake, Alfie Rogers, Xavier Pratt– Wider training squad for NZ U20s.

Scott Hilliar- Sir Edmond Hillary Scholar and Waibop United senior squad member.