So, What is WUFA all about?

We have had numerous enquiries to what exactly WUFA is about, below is brief description outlining what we do here at WUFA. There is also a little video montage if you scroll down a little (in our “news” tab if you are not here already) and that will to give you insight into what the players do (the video was made in 2014).

In 2013, the Waikato University Football Academy (WUFA) in conjunction with Waikato University started the first and only fulltime university training academy in NZ. WUFA is a full time football academy designed to give players an opportunity to train in a full time environment with professional level coaching, at the same time allowing them to study towards a world class degree at Waikato University. This offers the student / athlete a balance, providing them with the necessary tools in preparation for professional sport and life beyond sport.

In 2016 we had our first International tour to the United States, where we played against various US universities and the players showcased their talents to US coaches and scouts. The primary objectives of the tour were to give players scholarship opportunities and give them an incredible international footballing experience similar to that of an All White tour.

The focus of WUFA is to give players the opportunity to follow their academic and footballing dreams either here in the Waikato or abroad.

All Players on our academy will be kitted out in the latest and greatest football gear and equipment from Nike and are the same quality as those used a professional club. WUFA also utilises the expertise of the exercise physiologist department based on campus, with the latest technologies and highly qualified expertise utilised to develop personalised strength and conditioning programmes.

The dedicated coaching staff includes coaches with international playing and coaching experience, and a sports analyst with access to the most up-to-date performance analysis technologies. WUFA has also been fortunate to have the services of some NZ’s finest coaching talent and even some with international credentials, including; Paul Nevin, Alan Jones, Neil Emblen, Chris Millicich, Roger Wilkinson, Mike Groom and Jeremy Christie.

The programme may lead into scholarship awards and there may be further opportunities available for those who exhibit potential at the end of the programme because of our numerous international links and networks. Players have been successful in their endeavours after WUFA due to their efforts on our academy. This year we had 3 graduates from our academy playing in the ASB premiership for Waibop United, and one player (Alfie Rogers) feature with Auckland City at the world Club Champs in Japan. We also had 3 players with successful stints in the United States due to our links there.

Also included in the programme, we offer a weekend experience down to Wellington to visit the Phoenix and watch them play and train. We also play a game which gives players a chance to showcase their talents to the coaching staff from the “Nix”.

Applications are now open and available to anyone nationwide, however, spaces are limited. For more information visit or email directly,