How do I get a Scholarship at a US University?

We’ve had numerous people email to ask us about our opinion on recruitment agencies.  We believe that an agency is one way of getting an offer of a scholarship if you don’t want to do the work yourself.  Often they are not cheap and a lot of the services offered are fairly inconsequential. Ultimately if you’re good enough and prepared to do the work yourself and have half decent grades then you can obtain a scholarship on your own.
However, if you don’t want to do the work your self and you have the financial backing (some agencies up to $8k), then an agency may be a good option for you.  You could factor in the money you gain from say a $40k scholarship and you still get $33k benefits.  But you would need to factor how much is it going to cost you, as even full scholarships come at a cost and the $8k you can save by doing it yourself, is a big saving. Be cautious of guarantees of scholarships, as scholarships vary from as high as $70k but as low as $500.
An agency is one way to obtain “a scholarship” but at WUFA we believe that you should find the very best university you can and there are literally thousands of universities of vastly different quality.  Some universities in the States are out of this world and some are comparable to small NZ high schools in terms of their resources and facilities. So be careful to pick the right university or be careful what university picks YOU.
What do we do?
In the oast we have taken a tour to the United States, we take the players to the universities and show-case their talents. We also offer a pre-tour package including fitness testing, a gym programme, several training sessions, HD highlights package and advice seminars.  Keep an eye out on our FB page as we will be taking a team to teh US again in 2018.
We will be playing games against Hawaii Pacific University- div 2 (lower div but a fantastic place to study and actually better than some div 1 teams I’ve seen),  Fairleigh Dickenson div 1, New Jersey Institute of Technology div 1 and Manhattan div 1, University in Washington DC is yet to be confirmed but we hope to play 2 games against div 1 and 2 schools.  We also have coaches and close contacts at Loyola (Chicago) Buffalo and Wilmington (Nth Carolina), 3 very good sides outside of NJ who are looking for players.  On top of that there will about 50 schools within the NY state vicinity who will have a presence at our matches.
We think by getting yourself in the shop window where universities can actually see you in the flesh is the great way to go.  Coaches get to view you play and players also get to see the Universities/cities where they may potentially be living for 3 years or more. So its important in respect of getting the right player/school fit.
We provide similar services to that of a recruitment agency as part of the pre-tour package, for example before we leave, we offer a workshop on how to build CVs and a seminar advising on other requirements of the NCCA system.  We also train together and play warm-up games where we will put a HD highlights reel together for all the players.  Plus they get an experience of a lifetime touring like an All white or a NZ age group team.  My assistant coach studied and played at Monmouth University in NJ so knows the US system inside out and I played in Europe as a professional and toured the world with the All whites, so together we have the expertise, knowledge and provide a very professional touring environment.
For more details on the upcoming tour and eligibility, contact us now to register your interest.