Based at Waikato University. WUFA is New Zealand’s first and only fulltime training academy based at a University, where players can focus on Football in New Zealand whilst studying for a world class degree.

The WUFA is a full time football centre designed to give players an opportunity to train in a full time environment with professional level coaching, at the same time allowing them to study towards a world class degree at Waikato University. This offers the student / athlete a balance, providing them with the necessary tools in preparation for professional sport and life beyond sport.

The training programme is based at Waikato University with all facilities on campus. Mid-week training sessions are structured around study time, allowing players to continue playing matches with there respective clubs on weekends.

The WUFA is coordinated by former All white and ex professional Che Bunce. Che has had numerous years experience both as a player and coach in NZ, Australasia and Europe.

Members of the Academy also have access to some of the best coaches and sport and exercise consultants in the country. Click here to see some of our past guest coaches.