Applications & FAQ’s

Applications for our Waikato Academy are OPEN NOW! Open the links for more information and an application form.

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Is WUFA available to international students? Yes, but as you must be enrolled in study at Waikato University to be involved, there may be hurdles that you may face as an international student, ie Student visa’s and international fees etc. The academy fees are the same for local and international players.

Do you play games? Yes, but we only play “friendly” matches. Some of the fixtures include; Ole Academy, NZ U17 and Sacread Heart College. We are a training academy, which means academy members still belong to there clubs and play games with there club sides. Our training sessions are in the mornings which allow for players to train in the evening with their respective clubs and play matches in the weekends.

How much does it cost? There is an all inclusive price payable at the start of the year, which includes all training equipment/gear, gym memberships and sports testing components. However, the weekend trip to Wellington phoenix this year was not included in the price but was a minimal cost to players as it was subsidised by WUFA and the University of Waikato. (Please contact us for more information on pricing)

Can Goalkeepers apply? Yes, we currently do not have any GKs on the academy, but we do have the GK coaching expertise to bring in to compliment the current coaching and conditioning we offer.